1971 Mazda RX2 Coupe

“The windshield is slanted back 8 degrees over stock.  Top was narrowed four inches, thus pulling the windshield posts closer together to give the car a narrower look from the windshield up and to take away the box like appearance from the front or rear view.

The windshield then had to be trimmed and ground to fit the opening as the windshield was layed back, naturally, the top got lower.  It was layed back until the top was 4” lower than normal.

The top was removed and a new turret top hammered to a new fast back shape a new deck lid was formed and a different rear glass installed. 

Since the top was lowered four inches the glass area from the side view was not large enough.  so the doors and 1/4 opening were cut down.  Starting with 1/4 inch at front of door to 1 3/4” at the rear of door then sloped up again for 1/4 panel glass.

Since the car was a coupe, the post had long ago been removed.  Due to the fact the top was narrowed the glass had to have more curve to go down in the doors.  So new glass was made and new regulators made for the door and also all new mechanisms made for the 1/4 glass as it is now a hardtop instead of a coupe.

Hand made flush door handles were formed to eliminate the large bulky ones for a cleaner line.

The square rocker panels were removed and new ones rolled to tuck the body under.  Bottom of 1/4 panel and front fenders also had to be rolled.

The car was shortened 6” in the back and a whole rear body section formed.  The gas tank as well as the trunk floor had to be shortened.  The gas tank hung below the rear body panel.  So a hole was cut in deck floor and 1/2 of gas tank is inside and carpeted over.

The nose section was lengthened 14”.  Pop up headlights fabricated and a new grill made.

The car was dropped 4” by shortening the springs and shocks and suspension reworked until it handles like a slot car.

The wheel well openings were raised 1 1/2” in front and 2 1/2” in the rear and new flares made.  By raising the openings car still has a stock looking appearance in relation of wheel to opening.  The top being lowered 4” necessitated dropping the seats four inches and re-doing them in leather.  So the head room is still the same as before which is ample.

Tail lights hand-made, formed in plaster molds to exact shape of body.

Rear and front bumpers are hand-poured rubber reinforced with steel and shaped from plaster molds taken off the body.  Campanella wheels 13 x 6.  AR 70 tires

Gold metallic epoxy paint.  Car is 8” lower and 8” longer over all.”