Past Owners of Chuck Porter’s 1949 Pickup:

John Robinson, A.D. Logan, Dan Corley, Jim Mickle, John Rodney, Herb Glock

Larry Stansbury, and John Wilson





As most of you know… I found the truck.  I’m proud to say, the truck is now back in the family.  My intention is to return the truck to as close to original as my Dad built it, although I do appreciate all of the additions/upgrades/paint jobs and innovations!  But seriously, I do sincerely thank all of you former owners for taking such good care of the truck.  It’s a part of hot rod history.


Also, most recently, Richard Munz, of Boca Raton has contacted me to let me know that he has my Dad's Bonneville roadster, also known as the Ruddy-Weinstein car, and is currently restoring it in Laguna Beach, Califoria. So with the Mercedes racecar in Germany, that makes 3 of my Dad's cars from the 50's still not only surviving today, but still making history!


Since so many people have written and sent me magazines remembering the truck, I thought I would provide you with updates on my progress with the restoration .  It’s already been mini-featured in “Custom Classic Trucks” magazine, and been in one car show, non-competition.


The outside has not changed since the last owner had it.  I’ve redone:  the brakes, rebuilt the trans, installed an emergency brake, hood latch and hood prop, replaced the charging system, fuel system, and the missing inside door handles, installed a new battery mount, and I reconnected the horn (sounds like a catering truck).  Next on the list is to obtain power steering.  Didn’t this thing have power steering at one point?  I moved the shift lever from between the driver’s legs, back to the middle of the truck, and put in a Hurst shifter.  I also put in a beautiful white one-piece suede headliner, black vintage loop carpeting, and black pleated leather on the interior doors, which it originally had. Most gauges are non-functional, except for the heat gauge, which I keep a close watch on.


Thanks to all who talked to my appraiser.  Because of you, the truck came in with a very favorable appraisal!


I just talked with Herb Glock in Oklahoma, and he gave me a lot of information about what the truck was like when he owned it. I'll provide that in the next newsletter.


If anyone has memories of the truck, or my Dad, please write and send pictures if you can. I've heard some great stories. There's a story about my Dad in the new book on Von Dutch.


The list of names at the beginning of this newsletter is s roster of all the former owners that I know of.  If you know of any more owners, could you please contact me?  If you would like to be put in contact with one of the other owners, I can arrange that.  If you don’t want to receive updates, please contact me by phone message, email or snail mail.


  Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Eternally Grateful,


Debby Porter